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We work with large swaths of data, from customer service calls for Computer Vision to product listings for E-Commerce marketplaces to data annotations for Computer Vision.
Natural Language Processing Natural Language Processing Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

We build the training data that powers the world’s most advanced image and video algorithms. We annotate data for all industries, such as autonomous vehicles, drone and satellite imagery, medical diagnosis technology, facial recognition, and AR/VR.

Image classification techniques are used to recognise a defined set of targets mostly objects in images. Our teams classify data like images from sensors, based upon pre-defined parameters like the nature of pixel information to create training data.

We can identify objects in images or track moving objects in videos and annotate them per your requirements. There are various types of localisations like Bound Box, Circle or Eclipse, Polygon, Keypoint, Polyline or Cuboid. According to your needs, we will define the needed detail of localisation and track the objects accurately.

With this we are not only able to identify an asset or object but also locate it within the picture or video. With this information, object detection also allows to count objects in a scene and specify their precise locations, all while accurately labelling them.

We divide the whole image into pixel groupings that can be labelled and classified. With this we can semantically understand the role of each pixel in the image.

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Medical diagnosis can add tremendous amounts of stress to medical workers, patients, and healthcare systems. Well-designed technology can significantly improve a medical diagnosis, improving health outcomes and in some cases saving lives.
Natural Language Processing
We enable human to machine communication by extracting meaning from natural language data to make sense of human language and build high-quality datasets.

We translate, transcribe and transliterate text and audio in multiple Indian languages (like Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi) for websites or for training ML algorithms and chatbots.

We interpret contextual clues to extract meaning, mood, intention, or tone from an image, tweet, video or a piece of text. We also moderate supplied content for guideline violations, inappropriate content or spam. Content, in the form of text, photos or video, is evaluated against a set of objective rules.

We provide named entity recognition services to customers who need to better categorize their data, including POS tagging and information extraction

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Audio Annotation helps improve the Customer Service Experience
With our service the largest food tech company in India, Swiggy, could bring its customer service to the next level. Our audio annotation helped to develop a system for speech recognition and annotation that aids in customer servicing on calls.
We boost your online presence with accurate product data, optimized content, and customized customer communications by handling all online and offline cataloguing requirements. We work across all e-commerce verticals to achieve higher ranking, greater visibility, and increased customer conversions.

We process thousands of product images, removing backgrounds and editing them to create standardized photos that are upload-ready and easy to share.

We sort and tag large batches of images to provide high-quality input for training your algorithms.

We digitize grocery and menus and ensure the latest content and prices are online for your customers. We also manage these data points for you, making them easy to search and update periodically.

We have extensive experience in catalogue management services like product data management, product description writing and product attribute writing.

Image Placement
Hassle-free introduction of new sellers to Amazon with high quality product cataloguing and listing.
We help new sellers on Amazon to capture and process their data right and with this set the base for their online marketplace.
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