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Swiggy partners with IndiVillage for data annotation exercise to accelerate its AI-first vision

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Bangalore, 10 Sep 2020: Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand delivery platform, has partnered with IndiVillage to power solutioning and service delivery for the platform’s broader AI and ML charter. IndiVillage’s engagement  with Swiggy, which began in April this year, includes voice annotation work that provides training data for Swiggy’s ML algorithms.

IndiVillage is a BPO and social enterprise using impact sourcing to bring opportunity to rural India and offers cutting-edge solutions in the area of image and data annotation, natural language processing, and content optimization to technology and e-commerce companies.

An essential application of the speech data annotation undertaken by IndiVillage is the development of AI-driven speech recognition models for Swiggy’s call centre process. When call centre service executives move from one call to another, there is a need to efficiently extract information from the call data to understand the ‘voice of the customers’ to enable a deeper understanding of the issues faced by customers and accordingly solve for the same. The process requires labelled data, and IndiVillage supports Swiggy in this regard by annotating dozens of hours of speech data, an exercise made even more complicated due to India’s linguistic diversity, featuring calls in Hindi, English, and ‘Hinglish’. IndiVillage’s accurate and comprehensive service allowed Swiggy to establish a proof of concept for speech recognition – a development that has the potential to scale the partnership between the two companies.

As a tech-first organization, our vision is to deliver unparalleled convenience to our consumers, and this is a continuously evolving process. Considering the volume of transactions on the platform, we take an AI-led approach to deliver operations at scale. With tens of thousands of delivery partners serving millions of consumers across the country, the complexity is high, and AI becomes the game-changer. Partnering with firms like IndiVillage accelerates some of our key innovation efforts and the journey so far has been impactful. The team genuinely understands the problem statement in-depth, and customizes processes tuned to meet Swiggy’s unique needs” says Hemant Misra, VP & Head of Applied Research, Swiggy.

IndiVillage embraces a purpose-first ‘Business for Good’ model that has seen the company reinvest profits within the community to further education, healthcare, and access to clean drinking water. IndiVillage’s business model pivots around a workforce of 300+ hired from within the rural communities in which its centres operate. The company’s employees are then taught a wide range of tasks such as data entry, online cataloguing, content management, transcription, image tagging, and content tagging that support innovation in large businesses. 

“We are delighted to be partnering with an innovative and impactful leader like Swiggy. As a leader in the on-demand delivery space, Swiggy is at the forefront of innovation and customer experience. This journey is one that we are proud to partner. The best AI/ML solutions require high quality, organised, secure and unbiased training data that don’t compromise the intelligence of the algorithms and we fully believe that our services in this space will accelerate Swiggy’s transformation roadmap. Alongside our extensive data annotation capabilities and experience supporting cutting-edge AI for our clients, our ‘Business for Good’ mission believes that purpose and profit go hand in hand. Swiggy’s confidence in our ability is a testament to the success of our model. I am excited about the road ahead and look forward to a long-term association with India’s leading on-demand delivery platform” said IndiVillage CEO, Smita Malipatil.

In addition to Swiggy, IndiVillage, whose services are delivered out of offices in Yemmiganur, AP, and Raichur, Karnataka, supports some of the world’s leading ecommerce and technology companies including Amazon, Appen, Alegion and Mercato, a testament to the firm’s quality of service. 

IndiVillage was recently named in The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) Impact Sourcing Champions Index of global leaders in impact sourcing, which features organisations that have used impact sourcing to make a profound contribution to disadvantaged communities with limited prospects. 

IndiVillage is also the first Indian ITeS company to be certified as a B-Corp organization, one that combines purpose and profit with distinction. Certified B Corporations are legally mandated to factor in a broader ecosystem, including employees, clients, suppliers, the community, and the environment in all decision-making processes. Working with Swiggy is another feather in the cap for the company looking to demonstrate that purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive goals. 

About IndiVillage

IndiVillage offers cutting edge solutions, including image and data annotation, natural language processing, and content optimization for some of the world’s leading technology and e-commerce companies including Amazon, Appen, Alegion, Swiggy, and Mercato. It follows a “profit-for-all” model, reinvesting profits into the rural communities where its employees live. Over the last decade, IndiVillage has impacted over 35,000 lives through sustainable community development initiatives such as access to clean drinking water, improved livelihoods, better healthcare, and standardized education. IndiVillage is among a select set of five Indian companies that have obtained the B Corp certification, which signals that the organization’s operations and business model meet the highest global standards of verified performance on social and environmental dimensions. 

IndiVillage was recently named as a ‘Company to Watch’ by The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals’ (IAOP) in their Impact Sourcing Champions Index. The index features organisations that have used impact sourcing to make a profound contribution to disadvantaged communities with limited prospects. 

About Swiggy

Founded in 2014, Swiggy is India’s leading on-demand delivery platform with a vision to elevate the quality of life for the urban consumer by offering unparalleled convenience. It connects consumers to thousands of restaurants and stores in over 500 cities. Using innovative technology, Swiggy provides a hassle-free, fast and reliable delivery experience. Every order delivered by Swiggy’s fleet of independent delivery partners engaged on a principal to principal basis, ensures a host of customer-centric features like lightning fast delivery, no minimum order value, live order tracking, and 24/7 customer support.


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